Inter Art Center, Malmö 2018
Photography, wood, spotlight
Photography, wood, sound
Copenhagen 2015
Recordings of people from Nordvest and Nørrebro area in Copenhagen.
Technique / Materials: Wood, heating lamp, cables, loud speaker.
Charlottenborg Festsal, Rundgang 2014
The act of overhearing the sound inside of pipe, leading viewers into the spaces and times of one’s own experience of being heard or overhearing others.
Technique / Materials: pipe and sound.
Kunsthall Charlotenborg, Afgang 2014
Logical Hexagon is a six-sided soundproof room. From six speakers placed at various points inside of room, voices emerge as if in open dialogue, argument, or a group therapy session. Each speaker seems personified because the voices “talk together”. The voices talk about mental illness from various perspectives: careers, relatives, and some people with no connection to this system. The information has been gathered from a variety of interviews, observations, and forums/chats on the Net in which the artist personally participated.
Technique / Materials: installation, wood, pill dispensers, rockwool, speakers and sound.
Copenhagen 2014
The work is engaging with the modern experience of psychiatric institutions and medical industry. Things used in the installation are casts of psychiatric medication and cigarette butts collected in mental health care institutions.
Technique / Materials: installation, wood, concrete, bricks, cigarette butts, collected objects.
Copy&Repeat, BKSgarage,Copenhagen / Copy&Repeat, Kunsthalle Sparkasse Leipzig, 2013
I asked family and acquaintances to give me a copy or a scan of the content of their wallet. Using this material, like a collage, I created new documents.
Technique / Materials: Mixed media installation, collected object, table, board, prints, collage, drawings and watercolors.
Udstillingsstedet Q, 2012
The reconciliation between the old world and new standards as a result of entering the EU.
Technique / Materials: wood, knitting doily, ashtray and sound.
Udstillingsstedet Q, 2012
The way the objects are put together and the space itself is telling a story and we cannot stop wondering which space this is? In the same time these object are ordinary, recognizable, every day things and they evoke a memory of personal experience.
Technique / Materials: installation, wood, oil paint, collected object, light and sound.
Autumn Exhibition, NY Tap Carlsberg, Copenhagen, 2010
The starting point for this project is an actual kiosk, which can be found in Belgrade, Serbia, not far from where I grew up. The original kiosk was made in the 1970s in former Yugoslavia and was state property during the socialist period. In that time each housing area had a red kiosk where you could buy newspapers and hotdogs & yogurt for you lunch break.
Technique / Materials: Mixed media installation, 200x200x220, wood, oil paint, collected object, video, sound.