Longing - nationwide art exhibition

Man will always yearn, for light, for sound, for darkness, for feeling, for peace, for new land, for much or for nothing. During the corona shutdowns, everyone has become familiar with existential layers that, especially in the "western" world, are not normally experienced as collective layers of consciousness or states. The experience of powerlessness, not knowing what will happen tomorrow and a longing for "normal".

The Corona pandemic has created a longing for an inner as well as an outer plane!

It is important that this condition is given space and an expression, and therefore 23 leading artists (including 3 artist duos) have together created 20 works that are shown outside the usual art institutional framework.

The artists have chosen a special place in the public space that for them reflects longing. Places with less population, as well as in the city; a lighthouse to the north, a nursing home to the west, SDU, libraries, a car park to the south, the main railway station and the new Niels Bohr Institute, are among others. selected.