Udstillingsstedet Q, 2012
Technique / Materials: installation, wood, oil paint, collected object, light and sound.

By entering the installation you become surrounded by the work; you are trapped in it and in order to experience the installation you have to move around and through the work. There is no body in the installation but there is a strong sense of it; this feeling like somebody was just there some minutes ago, like you just accidentally dropped into a stranger’s room or personal space, into this person’s life. By looking in this private, intimate room you cannot prevent feeling a bit voyeuristic.

The way the objects are put together and the space itself is telling a story and we cannot stop wondering which space this is? In the same time these object are ordinary, recognizable, every day things and they evoke a memory of personal experience.

The bathroom in particular is a very specific space. It is a neutral space with optimally located “objects” that are quickly and easily recognizable, there is a clear orientation in the space. In western culture the bathroom is also one of the most private and intimate spaces, where we keep our personal and intimate things for private use. These things represent some personal needs and choices that are connect with our desires. It is a women’s cabinet and she has things in it to help her looking attractive and youthful.

The project is also about time; time can be many different considerations; but here I am thinking of time as a force that is decaying both things and our bodies. By painting on things I create a “time capsule”, things no longer have their necessity, their function. Things get another layer of fiction, they becoming a memory of something. It’s like struggling to stop the time and aging.

The products in the installation are donated by woman from Serbia and Denmark.